In the context of conflict in Colombia, today’s seminar focused on the phenomenon of the paramilitary in that country.  The paramilitary is comprised of local, self-governed initiatives (social, economic, or political groups) that seek control through force.  This paramilitary force, more often than not, leads to violence due to politics, guerillas, and/or narcotics.  The presenters told the history of the conflict through real-life stories.  The following videos give a brief summary of this history as well as the current action being taken (the Justice and Peace Law).

This intercultural seminar was very creative.  Jazmin and Alba were very well prepared and had very interesting ideas.  I particularly liked the way in which they incorporated music and specifically live violin into their presentation as a way to capture the emotion of what is happening in Colombia.  I also liked how Jazmin and Alba incorporated the audience into their presentation.  I was one of the students who played a part.  It was very exciting.  I’m beginning to think that the students in the Master should give the intercultural seminars.  They are always better.  Furthermore, the students are able to work with the interpreters, which helps the English line understand what is being presented.