ACF International (Acción Contra el Hambre & Action Contre la Faim) is an organization that seeks to end hunger worldwide.  It aides those in areas of war, conflict, and natural disasters.  It focus on the following five areas:  nutrition (treatment and prevention), health (public health programs, immunization, prevention and training local staff, maternal health, etc.), food safety (resumption of farming, livestock, and other activities generating sufficient resources to families to feed themselves adequately), and water (the first food, without it there is no life).

Accordingy to the World Hunger Report of 2011, food prices are steadily increasing.  This is a major cause of poverty and food insecurity in the world today.  This is particularly true of smaller African countries who depend on imports from other countries.  Furthermore, it is making the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) even harder to reach.  Currently, the MDG is to reduce the number of people suffering from hunger in half by 2015, but this still leaves 600 million people without sufficient food.  Therefore, it is going to take much more than the work of a few NGO/NPOs.  Jacque Diouf of FAO, Kanayo F. Nwanze of IFAD, and Josette Sheeran of WFP insist that “the entire international community must act today and act forcefully to banish food insecurity from the planet.”  They go on to discuss what must be done, increasing farm productivity and reducing food waste in developed countries, for instance.

All problems related to inequality, such as world hunger, are effects of the capitalist system.  It is a system that needs rich and poor, satisfied and starving, slaves and masters, etc.  Therefore, to solve world hunger we must advocate for a different more equitable system not based on consumerism and over-consumption.   Factory farms are also a product of capitalism.  Factory farms are giant torture chambers for animals.  If you ever witness a video of what happens to defenseless animals inside factory farms you will never want to eat meat again.  The capitalist solution to world hunger is to increase production of meat via factory farming.  It is noteworthy to point out that many diseases come out of factory farms that affect humans (i.e. swine flu).  It is my belief that we can feed that world without treating animals as objects to be used by humans.  In short, capitalism is not the answer to world hunger.

The following video clearly, and concisely, interprets the worldwide hunger crisis: