Today’s seminar on ethnic discrimination resonated with me, especially when they were presenting the information regarding indigenous peoples. While the ILO Convention and the United Nations have set laws to protect these people and their land, many of them still need our help.

I receive weekly emails from an organization called Survival International.  Survival International works with the following tribes from around the world, helping to ensure their protection and fighting for their human rights.  Please take a moment to visit their website and join the efforts to preserve the basic human rights of these people.

The Americas


Asia & Australasia

One tribe in particular is in desperate need of our help, the Jummas tribe of Bangladesh.  Please visit this website, and send a letter to the Bangladeshi government, urging it to ratify ILO 169 immediately.
It is interesting to me that indigenous people have such a close connection to nature.  They do not separate themselves from nature like we do in modern society.  In fact, we have become so alienated from nature that we are even waging war on the environment on which we depend for survival.  We ought to look to indigenous people as an example of how we can live at peace with the earth and ourselves.