Presented by: Yazmin Muñoz, Master’s Peace student, Universitat Jaume I, UJI, Spain

Armed conflict for over 50 years in Colombia

Causes:  struggle between political parties and those that want power as well

– Social inequality

– Unequal distribution of wealth

Women are caught in the middle of this conflict and are affected in the following ways:

– Forcefully displaced

– Physical violence and threats

– Separation from and loss of loved ones

– Fiscal and economic insecurity / poverty

– Risk of sexual violence

I believe that much of the conflict in Colombia is fueled by the US War on Drugs, which is used—like the War on Terror—to justify US imperialism.  According to the Monroe Doctrine, the US foreign policy strategy was to dominate the western hemisphere and to stay out of other places in the world.  Colombia has been a key country in maintaining control in Central and South America.  However, since the US became involved wars in the Middle East the US has lost control of Latin America.  Colombia is one of the last strongholds for the US in South America, but its influence there is diminishing.

It is noteworthy to mention that Spain is the second leading consumer of cocaine (US is first).

Here is an encouraging story: